The So & So’s is a unique 5-piece band that mixes classic rock music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Ranging from Beatles and Beach Boys to Motown and R ‘N’ B hits, as well as Bossa Nova, Blues and more contemporary selections, the group’s successful blend is due in part to their long friendship, their love of the music they grew up on and their tight vocal harmonies. They perform in Los Angeles area clubs, private events and restaurants. Both together and separately, the members have traveled the world playing their music at a variety of destinations. 


As lead vocalist and percussionist, Dominique Merrill has recorded with such artists as Don Henley and Donna Summer. 

Bassist and guitarist Kevin Merrill first joined Johnny A, lead vocalist, guitarist and bassist, in the ‘70’s. They have been playing on and off together ever since. 

Guitarist Grant Cihlar, who toured the U.S., Europe and Japan with former groups, met Kevin ten years ago playing in various Blues clubs around L.A. before joining the band. 

Keeping it all together with an unwavering beat and just the right rhythmic style, drummer, Lee Sena, joined The So & So’s five years ago. 

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